Are Sustainable Toothbrushes Future-ready?

There are many who question if these eco toothbrushes are really sustainable, whether they are here to stay. If there’s any future of such hyped products. The basics of the product are still a query to many consumers and hence in this article, we will try to help you out with the answers. 

Read on to know how you can turn ecological with these toothbrushes. 

What make these toothbrushes sustainable?

Eco toothbrushes are smart and innovative. Unlike there plant-based sustainable counterparts like Bamboo toothbrushes, these toothbrushes come with a stylish and robust aluminum body that can be used for years to come with an advantage of replaceable brush heads. Yes, you can easily change the brush heads as and when required while keeping its aluminum body intact. So, this is what make these toothbrushes highly sustainable.

An innovative oral care

Forget those plastic toothbrushes that you used beyond their limit. The new eco toothbrushes can be used in full style in different shades. You can choose your color and your brush heads too. Yes, you read it right. These toothbrushes come with replaceable brush heads for both you and your teeth’s comfort. Use them as you want.

Ecological toothbrushes are made in socially sustainable environments 

Eco toothbrushes are made in factories that use less resources in the production process. They make use of smart technologies and ideas to create a product that’s designed to last. These toothbrushes are good for both your oral health and the environment.  

The nylon used in their bristles is BPA free

The most important part of a toothbrush is how well it is able to clean your teeth. There’s no point to make ecological toothbrushes if they are not capable of deep cleaning your teeth. Their bristles need to be sturdily manufactured to last long. Otherwise, it won’t make them sustainable. Eco toothbrushes use 90% less plastic than other brands and their tapered nylon bristles penetrate 17% deeper to thoroughly clean your teeth. Though they are synthetic in nature, they do not have any added chemicals in them, which makes them a superior brushing alternative.

So, for all the above reasons, sustainable toothbrushes are definitely the future. Make Nada sustainable toothbrush your pick of the season today and enjoy its innumerable benefits. These toothbrushes are not stylish but ensure your health and hygiene always. It’s time to make them the part of your vanity and be future-ready.



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