Botox For The Jawline

At a certain point during the aging process, some men and women become displeased with the look of their jawline. There are times when the problem stems from these individuals losing some of the definition in their jawline. In other instances, the appearance of “jowling” or saggy skin can lead to a facial appearance that is less youthful and trim.

For individuals who feel as if their facial appearance is impacted by issues with the jawline, there are a number of non-surgical solutions available. Plastic surgeons see many patients who have a desire to enhance the aesthetics of their jawline, and typically recommend either using a jawline filler or Botox for the jawline.

Botox for the Jawline

Botox provides an effective means of reducing an asymmetric or prominent jawline that is caused by enlarged muscles. The muscles that are along the posterior jaw are for chewing food and clenching the teeth. These muscles can become enlarged during sleep when the teeth are clenched. The Botox treatment decreases the size of the muscles in which it is injected, and this results in the smoothing of the facial contour.

Botox is injected into the jawline when the angle of the jaw starts to appear slightly blunted. By using Botox along the upper part of the jawline and the neck, the surgeon can furnish individuals with contouring and the neck can also benefit from a little bit of lifting. Typically, Botox is used to address issues of definition, not issues concerning the loss of volume.

Botox as a Treatment for Pain and Disorders

Botox is also effective at treating Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) disorders, tension and other painful maladies. TMJ disorders are basically conditions that affect the jaw joints and nearby ligaments and muscles. It can result from wear and tear, an improper bite, or arthritis trauma. Included among the common symptoms of this disorder is facial pain, earaches, headaches and jaw tenderness.

Injecting Botox into the jaw muscles eases jaw clenching which can provide relief from TMJ soreness, tension headaches, jaw tension, and pain in the jaw. This type of treatment can provide pain relief from tension in the neck and shoulders as well.

Average Recovery Time

Typically, the procedure that injects Botox into the jawline has insignificant side effects like redness, tenderness, and patients may experience bruising for a few days. There could be some slight irritation when chewing for a week or so due to the Botox being injected into the masseter muscle. Included among the less common side effects are muscle weakness, double vision, trouble breathing, and hoarse voice.

What Results Can Be Expected

With multiple treatments, this type of procedure produces gradual effects over the course of months. Injecting Botox into the jaw muscle promotes natural atrophying, which can result in a controlled, progressive reduction in the size of the muscles in the jaw. Following the initial sequence of treatments, every eight months, maintenance treatments will be required.

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