Horchata: Is This Drink Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy can be overwhelming for a lot of women. There are so many things that you cannot eat or drink. During these months, you are not only taking care of yourself, but also of the baby that is growing inside you. There are diet adjustments to consider. And one of these are the drinks that you can have.  

Horchata is a popular beverage in Latin American countries. It comes with plenty of health benefits and expecting mothers. And many women ask themselves, “can i drink horchata while pregnant?” If you have the same question, let’s go ahead and find out. 

What is Horchata?

Horchata is a popular traditional beverage in Latin America, Spain, and Africa. This drink often contains rice, ground almonds, tiger nuts, sugar, and cinnamon. It is naturally sweet, creamy, and milky. Horchata is often served cold. This is often served during hot summer months.

Is Horchata Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is the time when women have to watch out for what they consume. It should be safe and healthy for her and the baby. With so many restrictions and adjustments to the pregnancy diet, it is crucial for expecting mothers to know if their favorite food or drinks is safe. 

So how about horchata? Is it considered safe for pregnant women to drink? 

Traditionally, horchata ingredients include rice, almonds, sugar, cinnamon, and water. If you love drinking horchata, consider the ingredients before you consume it now that you’re pregnant. The main concern is the cinnamon ingredient. Consuming large amounts of it during pregnancy can be harmful and toxic for the baby. 

Though there are pregnant women who do not experience side effects when drinking horchata, remember that how your body responds to its ingredients may differ from those of others. Also take note of possible allergic reactions to the drinks’ ingredients. 

How to Safely Consume Horchata While Pregnant

Yes, you can safely drink horchata even if you are pregnant. It is best to consider making this refreshing drink at home. This way, you will have more control over the ingredients that you will add to the drink. You can adjust the cinnamon and make this a safe drink for you. 

It is also best to consult your healthcare provider before you continue drinking horchata during pregnancy. Medical professionals will be able to determine if this drink is safe for you based on your health history and nutritional needs. 



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