Top attachment parenting principles 2022

There are many different ways to parent your children, but one of the most popular types of parenting is attachment parenting. Attachment parenting can take many different forms and look a little different to each parent and guardian. Here are some of the characteristics of attachment parenting and the different attachment parenting principles.

What is Attachment Parenting?

Attachment parenting focuses on forming a positive relationship and positive, nurturing attachment between the caregiver/parent and the baby. It also focuses on building relationship built on love, connection and emotion. From birth to adulthood, a child who is raised using the attachment parenting style will typically feel free to discuss all feelings and connect with others.

Principles of Attachment Parenting

1.) Feeding with Love

One of the basic principles of the attachment parenting theory is to breastfeed, whenever possible. Breastfeeding allows you to nurture your child with love and hold them close to you as you feed. In addition to forming a more secure relationship while breastfeeding, this feeding method also promotes better overall health.

2.) Skin to Skin Contact

One of the main principles of the attachment parenting theory is to use and maximize skin to skin contact. From birth to breastfeeding, parents can use skin to skin contact to build a relationship with their child and form a closer attachment. As your children age, you can keep close contact with them by having them sit next to you to read a book or to sit together while you sing songs.

3.) Sensitivity

Parents should always use sensitivity with their children. Using sensitivity to talk with children is a great way to discuss emotions in a safe and friendly environment. Using sensitivity will allow all children to always understand that their emotions are valid, as long as are talked about appropriately. Rather than punishing children for the way they are feeling, they should talk about everything calmly.

4.) Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is increasing in popularity as more and more parents understand the benefits that this method offers. Co-sleeping does not mean sleeping in the same bed with a child next to you. Instead, it means bringing the crib next to your bed or invest in a co-sleeper that you can sleep next to in bed. This can help you more easily feel and hear your baby during the night hours.

5.) Discipline with Positivity

All children will need to be disciplined at some point. The way that parents discipline their children when they are young will influence the rest of their lives. When using the attachment theory, no parent should ever focus solely on what the child did wrong. Instead, focus on the positive. Teach your children what you expect out of them and model the exact behavior you want them to display.

If you are looking to parent in the attachment style, you can use these principles to help guide your parenting and decision making. Always try to respond positively to your child in order to promote better emotional and mental strength.            


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