Your Next Steps in Recovery After Completing Residential Rehab

Substance addiction recovery is a lengthy and arduous process that requires both the sufferers and their loved ones’ commitment. There will be dangerous moments along the way, but the ultimate outcome will make it all worthwhile. Individuals will still require some care after completing a detox and an inpatient or residential treatment in order to stay on track to recovery.

Going to partial or full-outpatient therapy is usually the greatest choice an individual may explore. This allows individuals to resume their everyday lives while a care team helps them stay accountable. You can participate in one of three types of outpatient programs at Inner Voyage Recovery. While each provides a different level of treatment, they all have the same end objective in mind: to help you succeed.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Even if you have graduated from the need to be monitored 24 hours a day, this does not imply you are entirely equipped to be without structure or attention. PHP uses many of the same tools as an inpatient treatment program and has people come in for therapy and medical appointments numerous times a week. This can persist for a few hours at the start of the day, causing only minimal disruptions to your everyday routines.

Most persons who undergo PHP are still trying to adapt to a regular schedule or are exhibiting behaviors that, if not closely monitored, might lead them back to drug use. However, their symptoms are not severe enough that they require treatment away from home or in a sober living facility.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This is the middle of the three Inner Voyage Recovery Center programs. The critical distinction between IOP and PHP is that IOP requires less commitment and schedule. Individuals in PHP may be needed to stay in the recovery facility for eight hours each day, whereas IOP may need them to stay for 3-6 hours.

While patients in IOP are usually more adapted, they still require some structure in their life before they can feel at ease. As patients progress through the program, the number of sessions they attend may decrease, and they may eventually transition into full outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment Program (OP)

This is the greatest option for people who have completed all of the therapy phases and show little to no indicators of relapse. They may only be going to counseling once or twice a week. In many situations, these meetings address the mental health portion of their disease or serve as a source of inspiration to remind patients that they are making good progress.

Few people immediately enter OP rehab after finishing residential treatment, and it may take several visits to rehabilitation before someone is regarded as suitable for this option.

Which Program Is the Best Fit for You?

You might not know what program is best for you, and that is perfectly okay. Inner Voyage Recovery Center’s experts will be able to assist in steering you in the right route after doing an examination on you.

When you enter one of their recovery programs, you will be welcomed with encouragement and a specific plan that will help you better understand your substance misuse and what led you into it in the first place. In addition to their treatments, the team will screen you for a dual diagnosis since mental health concerns can play a significant part in drug use.

All programs provide a wide range of therapy in both individual and group settings. Both options include cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), family therapy, and holistic treatment. Inner Voyage Recovery Center can also provide you with medicine to assist in reducing any lingering withdrawal symptoms.

Everyone has the ability and the right to recover. It only needs the proper team and the correct practices. Whatever outpatient treatment is appropriate for you, you will be able to develop a feeling of value that will allow you to mend into a more sober self. Inner Voyage Recovery Center is ready to assist you as soon as you are ready to begin.


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