10 Important Tips for Using Condoms

Condoms are really common for preventing pregnancy. You might have used them a bunch, but are you using them right? Doing it right matters a lot – making mistakes with condoms can cause big problems. Well-known names like LifeStyles, Durex, and Fantasy have built their reputation on their dedication to quality and safety.

Here are ten tips to help you stay safe from STIs and avoid unexpected pregnancies.

1. Check if it’s good

Before you buy something, you usually make sure it’s good, right? Well, condoms are the same. Look for the CE mark on the packet. No CE mark means it’s not safe. So, even if someone hands you one at the last minute, think about the future and make sure it’s safe.

2. Look at the date

Using an old condom is a bad idea. They usually last around five years (less for ones with spermicide). Always check the date on the packet. If it’s old, the condom can break easier.

3. Get them early

If you’re going on a cool trip and hoping to have some fun, buy condoms before you leave. Don’t buy them from parties or beach events. Get them ahead of time or at the airport. It won’t bring bad luck, promise.

4. Open carefully

Opening a condom can be tricky, especially when you’re excited or not totally sober. Don’t just rip it open. If you’re not careful, the condom can tear too. Find the right corner and take it easy.

5. Use one at a time

Don’t wear two condoms at once – that’s a bad idea. Two condoms rubbing together can break. Also, using a male and a female condom at the same time isn’t a good plan either.

6. Put it on right

Putting on a condom is simple, but don’t rush. Make sure it’s the right way – the tip should point up. Roll it down gently from the tip of the penis. If it’s too tight, it can break.

7. Leave space at the tip

There’s a little space at the tip for a reason. It catches stuff. If you pull it too tight, things can spill out the sides or even through the condom. Leave a bit of room.

8. Watch the lube

Not all lubes work with condoms. Check what your lube is made of before using it. Water-based lube is good, but avoid oils and lotions. They can make condoms break.

9. Change every 30 minutes

If things are going on for more than 30 minutes, put on a new condom. Friction makes them weaker. Less than 30 minutes is fine, but more than that, play it safe.

10. Take it off after

Even after you’re done, you’re not done. Some stuff can still come out. Remove the condom after use, holding it at the bottom. Throw it in the trash, not the toilet.

Don’t reuse condoms. Use a new one each time. Using it twice can make it break and isn’t safe.

Remember, condoms come in different types. If you’re worried you didn’t use one right and could get an STI, you can get an STI test kit.


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