5 Common Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease in which people lose the ability to remember or think clearly. Although it can set in at any age, it remains prevalent among seniors. Are you wondering if someone you love has this condition? The following are five common signs to look for.

1. A Sudden or Unusual Change in Mental Prowess

Alzheimer’s may affect someone’s critical thinking skills. People who once prided themselves on number play and puzzles may start to struggle to work out daily problems. Critical thinking isn’t possible. If this happens, you may want to look into elderly care Missouri where others could assist with daily needs.

2. Personality Shifts or Moodiness Appear

One sign of memory issues is emotional reactions that are entirely new or out of place. When the mind isn’t working well for them, your loved one may get upset, lashing out with anger or sadness.

3. Loss of Vocabulary or Language Recall

Alzheimer’s disease hinders language and communication. The brain has to work hard to find words and piece sentences together, making a conversation hard. Therefore, if your loved ones start to have trouble putting words together, ask a doctor for an assessment.

4. Getting Lost

Some Alzheimer’s patients begin to lose a sense of spatial awareness, forgetting where they are or having trouble seeing. Therefore, getting lost in a familiar setting or struggling to see things could indicate the onset of symptoms.

5. Struggles With Common Activities

The condition can impact people’s recall and long-term memory, making it hard to do things they previously did without a problem. Suffers may suddenly forget to work devices they’ve used for years, or they cannot play a routine game. The mind doesn’t allow these people to understand their routines anymore. 

If you think someone you care about has Alzheimer’s, work with a medical professional to get help. Make an appointment for an assessment and learn how you can provide the appropriate attention and treatment.


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