5 dangers of untreated gum disease


Gum disease is a severe infection that damages tissues and bones supporting our teeth under dental labs nyc. It creates inflammation in the gums.

When the disease in the gums progresses, the gum starts to recede and form periodontal areas in the dental labs near me. It will loosen your teeth and even make them fall out.


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Dangers of untreated gum disease:


The earliest phase of gum disease does not typically create much pain. You may notice discomfort when you brush, but it does not begin as extremely painful under dental labs nyc.

If you enable your gum disease to remain unprocessed, it will eventually develop into periodontitis, which can significantly hurt.

The development of periodontitis can leave nerves disclosed and make you more affected by infection, both of which can be painful in the dental labs near me.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums is generally the first sign that informs people of the possibility of gum illness. When you have gum illness, your gums are often infected and more sensitive to standard procedures like brushing under dental labs nyc.

Noticing blood when you brush or floss is a sign that you are developing gum disease. The gum disease will continue progressing and worsening if you do not change in the dental labs near me.

Receding gums

Untreated gum illness will eventually direct to receding gums. Receding gums can become a severe issue because your gums are an essential part of the structure of your mouth under dental labs nyc.

Receding gums can direct to disclosed nerves and separate your teeth and gums. The consequences of gum disease become severe and long-lasting when it gets to the point that your gums start receding in the dental labs near me.

Tooth loss

Untreated gum disease will ultimately lead to receding gums which will, in turn, lead to tooth loss under dental labs nyc.

Tooth loss is one of the most severe dangers of untreated gum disease. Healthy gums are required before you can get a dental implant placed. If you experience tooth loss because of gum disease, it is unlikely that you will be a good candidate for dental implants under dental labs nyc.

Diseases associated with gum infection


Poorly managed sugar levels infect your teeth and gums. Gum disease in its advanced stage affects your blood sugar levels badly and makes you prone to encounter long-term risks of diabetes mellitus in the dental labs near me.

The bacteria and germs in infected gums enter the bloodstream and compromise the body’s defense system. It makes our body increase the glucose level in the blood to fight off bacteria under dental labs nyc.

Alzheimer’s disease

People suffering from this disease develop an unusual mental illness.

Recent studies highlight the connection between gum disease and this progressive brain disorder under dental labs nyc.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatic arthritis is an autoimmune condition that begins with a stir in the immune system and eventually makes the cells in our defense system attack the joints in the dental labs near me.

The gum fluids of infected gums contain higher levels of anti-citrullinated protein antibodies and have an inflammatory response on the victim’s joints under dental labs nyc.

Respiratory diseases

The oral bacteria breed in our lungs. The bacteria in infected gums enter the lungs when we inhale, and it can increase there. It is followed by irritation and inflammation in lung tissues.

Heart diseases

  • Cardiovascular problems in gum disease sufferers begin when bacteria and germs in infected gums enter the bloodstream. Moreover, chronic inflammation caused by periodontal disease pathogens damages the healthy cells in our body under dental labs nyc.
  • Bacterial infection in the bloodstream causes swelling in the blood vessels and damage the heart valves. It adds value to the oral bacteria attack on heart valves.
  • The heart valve damage is followed by narrowing it, which reduces the blood supply to the heart. Gum health is a vital part of staying healthy under dental labs nyc.
  • Your gums are vital to oral health because they seal against infection, protecting the sensitive and vulnerable tooth roots from bacteria in the dental labs near me.
  • Through untreated gum disease, bacteria find their way underneath your gum line and begin attacking the supporting structures of your teeth.
  • More and more studies are disclosing that periodontal disease doesn’t just damage your oral health; your entire body is critically impacted when your gums are unhealthy under dental labs nyc. The results of untreated gum disease can even decrease your lifespan.


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