7 Tips for Preventing Denture Sore Spots

A frequent and irritating side effect of having dentures is sore places caused by the devices. These sore spots may be brought on by uncomfortable dentures, bad oral care, or other issues. However, there are measures you may take to avoid uncomfortable places and maintain the comfort of your dentures. 

Clean your dentures daily: Since food particles and plaque can collect on them and cause irritation and uncomfortable places. Use a denture-specific cleanser to properly brush your dentures at least once each day. 

Brush your gums: Healthy, clean gums will help your dentures stay in place. Before placing your dentures, carefully brush your gums with a toothbrush with a soft bristle.

Use a denture-soaking solution: Plaque can be removed, and irritation can be avoided by soaking your dentures in a specific solution. Make sure to adhere to the product’s directions. 

Eat less abrasive food: Acidic, crunchy, or hard meals might damage your dentures and leave uncomfortable places. To make chewing simpler, stick to softer, gentler foods and be sure to cut your food into small pieces. 

Have frequent checkups on your dentures: Every six to twelve months, it’s crucial to get your dentures examined by a professional. Your dentist will be able to see any possible problems and make any necessary modifications. 

Remove your dentures at night: Allowing your gums to rest without your dentures in place can help to prevent irritation and sore spots.

Make use of a denture adhesive: By keeping your dentures in place, a denture adhesive can lessen the likelihood of irritation. Follow the directions on the product you chose carefully, and refrain from using too much since this could lead to issues.

If you are experiencing sore spots or other issues with your dentures, Denture Haus is here to help. Our team of experienced denturists can provide the care you need to keep your dentures comfortable and functional. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or search denture repairs near meto find your denture clinic near me.

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