Advantages Of Telehealth Services During The Pandemic

For most countries, especially in the Philippines, the only way to get a healthcare service is through visiting local or nearest hospitals or health clinics. It often involves queuing for long periods and arranging appointments. But then the Covid-19 pandemic happened. Person-to-person contact is restricted, affecting everything, including how healthcare services are provided. To continue providing healthcare services amid the pandemic, telehealth services are utilized. 

To explain briefly, telehealth uses telecommunication devices and technologies to provide long-distance healthcare services such as consultations and virtual visits. Currently, countless apps and websites let people access lists of doctors and specific healthcare services to make telehealth possible for everyone. Finding dermatologists in Makati or doctors for online consultation can now be more accessible and risk-free. That is only one out of many advantages of telehealth. Here are the benefits of telehealth services during a pandemic to provide more.

Faster and timely care

A common challenge for healthcare is directing patients to the right provider as quickly as possible, especially duri9ng a pandemic. Patients may take unnecessary trips to primary care physicians, urgent care clinics, or emergency rooms to get the right provider. Using telehealth, specifically, on-demand video consultation or visits, allows doctors to understand where the patient should go directly instead of going through numerous places.

Aids patients with decreased mobility

Due to the pandemic, public transportations are now much harder than they used to be, especially for patients with limited mobility. Using telehealth can eliminate the struggle of commuting or traveling to the doctor or clinic. Frequent consultations and minor checkups can now be done through video calls and online consultations. 

Offers a wide range of telehealth services

Most apps for telehealth services like Nowserving PH offers a wide selection of doctors and specialties depending on individual needs and location. This means finding a dermatologist in Cebu or anywhere else will be no problem. From Covid-19 consultations to more specific things such as heart and cardiology as well as ENT and others can easily be accessed through online booking and consultations.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, restrictions are put on to lessen the casualty brought by the virus. These restrictions affected everything, including the healthcare in the Philippines. Telehealth became one of the most utilized services since the start of the pandemic since it is also used for Covid-19 consultations and online visits. This is possible using apps and applications like Nowserving PH, which offers a wide selection of doctors and specialties depending on individual needs and location.

To find doctors and healthcare services for online consultations and visitation, visit Nowserving PH today. 



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