All You Need To Learn About Dentures With Implant Support

You probably want to look for the greatest dentures to replace your missing teeth if you have them missing. New forms of dentures have been developed as a result of advancements in dental technology that are more stable, comfortable, and natural-looking than conventional dentures at Aurora periodontal care.

What Are Dentures With Implant Support?

Options for oral care have greatly expanded in recent years. Patients can choose from various possibilities to select the ideal alternative for their tastes and needs.

Conventional dentures have a base of gum-colored acrylic and two full arches of artificial teeth. 4 to 6 titanium posts are inserted into the jawbone to support implant-supported dentures, which are subsequently covered by an artificial arch. 

Characteristics of a Successful Implant Denture Candidate

  • Healthy jawbone tissue sufficient to sustain the implants
  • having many or all of your molars missing
  • no significant periodontal disease
  • Suitable gums
  • a strong immune system

Procedure for Placement

It takes numerous months to complete the installation of dentures supported by implants.

The implant screws will first be surgically attached to your jawbone by your dentist. Usually, 4 to 6 of these are present. After that, healing time comes. The implants typically need between three and six months to integrate with the jawbone. The name of this procedure is osseointegration. A dentist attaches a dental arch made of pre-molded material to the implants once they have recovered.

Why Choose Implant Dentures Over Different Kinds?

Your oral care requirements, as well as your choices and aspirations, will determine the sort of denture that seems best for you. Apart from implant dentures, the following is a list of the many kinds of dentures and prosthetics:

  • Both upper and lower arches are detachable in complete dentures, which are used to replace all missing teeth. 
  • When only a few teeth are lost, partial dentures cover the spaces. They can be removed whenever required or for cleaning by unclipping from the other teeth.
  • Temporary dentures are a relatively brief solution to use while waiting for the permanent solution to be ready after tooth removal.
  • A fixed bridge required surgically gluing a crown into place.
  • When a molar needs to be replaced, a cantilever bridge uses one or maybe more teeth solely on a single side as an anchor.
  • Dental implants are typically a choice when one or more teeth need to be replaced.
  • Snap-on dentures are a particular kind of implant with a removable crown that the wearer can take out to clean.
  • Another choice for partially replacing missing teeth is flexible dentures.


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