Amazing Superfoods In Your Pantry That Aids In Digestion

When talking about superfoods, some people think that these are items that would be too difficult for them to have access to. What they fail to realize is that most of them are readily available in their pantries or kitchen. And while being bound at home during this coronavirus pandemic, it is crucial that you know how to make the most out of the items you have on hand.

This blog will walk you through the most common superfoods that you can add to your diet. And if you are having problems with digestion as you work at home, then this article is for you. Take a look at this list of superfoods that you might already have at home.

Fluids Help With the Flow

Fluids play a very important role in digestion. If partnered with fiber, it helps get solid through your digestive system more effectively. In fact, the easiest choice to speed up digestion is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water is the most practical access but almost any fluid will do. Just avoid caffeinated beverages and sodas because they can trigger heartburn if you have reflux.

Fish Oil To Speed Up Digestion

Fish oil has plenty of benefits to your body. It is not only good for your heart, but for your digestive tract as well. So aside from the fish oil supplements, where can you naturally get this from? Well, as the name suggests, you need to add more fish to your diet. Fatty fishes like mackerel, salmon, and tuna are rich in fish oil.

Ginger For Good Digestion

Ginger is always known as an effective remedy for stomachaches and nausea. This is also a favorite condiment for various cuisines. But for those who did not know, ginger is also great for digestion. It offers natural digestive aid, especially to pregnant women. Ginger helps speed up the digestion process. There are different ways to enjoy ginger – teas, candies, and supplements.

Yogurt for Healthy Bacteria

Friendly bacteria inside your digestive tract are very helpful in your digestion. And a good source of good and healthy bacteria is yogurt. Gastroenterologists strongly recommend probiotics because this can help increase the frequency and consistency of your stool. If you are not a fan of yogurt, there are other probiotic drinks that you can try or even consider probiotic supplements instead.

Green, Leafy Vegetables

And of course, the green leafy vegetables will never be forgotten in this list. Spinach and kale for example, are not only packed with vitamins and nutrients, but they also support healthy digestion. So it’s time to add these vegetables to your diet, can be enjoyed in salads or added in your protein shakes.

Eating healthily is very important. But due to the lack of movement and exercise as you sit in your home office all day, your digestion can be affected. You feel bloated all the time and you have a hard time going to the toilet regularly. So take note of the superfoods in this list because they are proven effective in aiding digestion.


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