Appreciating surrogacy cost in Mumbai

Before delving into the world of surrogacy costs, there is a need to discuss a bit about surrogacy. So, what is surrogacy? It is a method used by couples. In this method, a woman is made to be a child carrier or a gestational carrier. In the aspect of being a genetic mother, the sperm is put into her ovary. In the area of being a gestational carrier, an embryo is put in her womb—this happens in instances where the womb of the actual woman cannot do that. Apart from IVF, surrogacy cost in Mumbai have been rated to be very reasonable. This is why finding an infertility specialist in Mumbai with surrogacy experience doesn’t hurt at all.

A simple procedure

Surrogates are always the carriers of the baby. They go through the pregnancy process for another woman. This is done with the aim of their relinquishing all rights to the baby after it is born. This is not a complicated procedure. It is very simple and all you need to do is to find the best infertility specialist in Mumbai to make it happen for you. Over the years, there has been major negative press surrounding this procedure. This is because some surrogate mothers find it hard to let go of the children. Well, this is wrong because, in a unique way, the baby is not theirs. The baby belongs to the couple. However, surrogates just carry the baby and deliver it. That is how realistic the process is.

Factors included in surrogacy costs in Mumbai

You should not be perturbed when you are told that surrogacy cost in Mumbai are too high. This is not the truth. While costs in other countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, can reach $13,000 or even more when surrogate mother and agency payments are combined, this is not the case in Delhi. In the finest surrogacy clinic in Mumbai, you can pay $9,000 or even $7,000 and pay nothing to anyone again to have your baby in your hand. Some factors that affect the cost include:

  • Surrogate screening. The best infertility specialist in Mumbai specializing in surrogacy ensures that all surrogates are screened well. This is done to make sure they have no hidden genetic disorders or diseases. Also, they are taken through a sensitization process to know that the child they will be carrying doesn’t belong to them. This method makes it easier for them to know that they are just the carriers. However, it makes it easier for them to understand how vital they are to the development and safety of the child.
  • The payment made to the agency involved. Another cost that adds to the final amount you are charged is the payment to agencies. Mostly, surrogates are linked to agencies. What these agencies do is to make sure these girls are checked and weighed to ensure they are right for the procedure. As a result, they receive a portion of the surrogacy cost in Delhi. That is one thing to note.
  • The payment made to the surrogate mother.
  • The payment made to the infertility specialist center for the procedure to be done.


For most surrogates, the joy of helping others smile and see their own children while making some cash is the aim. If you are worried about surrogacy cost in Mumbai going higher due to legal issues, do not worry. Since the year 2002, surrogacy has been legal in India. So, whether you are a single parent or a couple in need of a child, you can benefit from this unique system of fertility. Also, the surrogate, by law in India, will have no right to the child that is born through this unique arrangement.


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