Are You Looking for the Best Podiatrist for Your Foot Care?

For many people in the USA, foot problems can be a significant concern irrespective of whether they lead an active life or a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, you need the help of a certain Podiatrist in your life.

A few common issues faced by people are stiffness, pain, and deformities. For quite a few individuals, all these issues have turned into a part of their daily life. Since the treatment for such issues can be quite expensive, many people often go for home remedy.

You are using your feet daily for going to your work, buying your groceries, or taking your dog for a walk and chances are that you seldom notice the condition of your feet.

However, even if minor injuries or foot pain remain unaddressed, then it may result in total disorientation at work. If the situation gets too complicated then using any topical creams or taking analgesic medications may not be effective at all.

When the condition of your feet gets worse, then you need to visit a Blue Cross Blue Shield podiatrist to get your foot properly checked and get the necessary treatment.

Podiatry is a special branch in medicine that is going to deal with your various feet issues, which also includes the diagnosis and any other medical and surgical treatment needed for different diseases, injuries, and also deformities that may affect your feet and ankles. A doctor with a specialization in podiatry is known as a podiatrist.

Let us discuss in this post, how to find the right podiatrist who can properly treat your feet issues.

1. Consult your family doctor

Your family doctor is the best person who is aware of your condition and can refer you to the right podiatrist.

2. Discuss with your insurance company

Your insurance company must be having a list of a podiatrist and can provide a suitable podiatrist that is acceptable to your insurance too.

3. Search online

Since we are now living in an internet age and hence you can search online to find the list of podiatrists available in your area.

4. Read the reviews

You must read the online reviews on your prospective podiatrist to know more info about him.

5. Get referrals from people you know

You can also ask your friends and colleagues who must have consulted any podiatrist.

6. Look for a board-certified podiatrist

Make sure that all the podiatrists that you have shortlisted are certified and working in a certain reputable hospital. A podiatrist BCBS will be a board-certified one.

7. Check their qualifications

Make sure that your podiatrist has undergone the following training:

  • A 4-year undergraduate course
  • Premedical clinical practice at any institution
  • A 4-year program at any podiatric medical school to obtain his DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine)
  • A 3-year residency program for getting postgraduate medical training

What to ask your Podiatrist?

If you have shortlisted a few potential podiatrists then you must know what questions to ask before scheduling an appointment.

You must ask these questions:

8. Whether you accept new patients?

If your podiatrist has to meet many patients then he may refuse the appointment of any new patient. You can ask if they can refer any other podiatrist.

9. Where is your practice located?

Make sure that your podiatrist is located in any nearby area so that you can easily locate it.

10. What are your office hours?

It is important to know the consultation hours so that it should not disturb your work schedule. Also, ensure whether the podiatrist is available during the weekends.

11. How much time needed to get an appointment?

Try to know if the podiatrist can give any emergency appointments, in case your problem needs immediate attention.

12. Does your office have an X-ray and a lab on-site?

Make sure that the podiatrist has the necessary facilities available in his clinic for diagnostic testing so that you do need not visit some other place which can be a bit inconvenient.

Although it may sound too easy to find a good podiatrist, finding a competent podiatrist needs a little patience and may need time too. You need to check various websites and read blogs carefully to verify the credentials and background of the podiatrist.

If you can get any podiatrist Blue Cross Blue Shield then you may come across high-quality Insurance and also at an affordable price.


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