Basic Information About Dental Implants

Dental implants replace tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for permanent (fixed) or removable teeth compatible with natural teeth. The dental implant is made of pure titanium, compatible with the human body. Its shape is a narrow rod that is inserted into the jaw bone. It is said that dental implants are the best replacement for missing teeth today. According to a dentist offering dental implants in North York from 6006 Yonge Dental, what’s noteworthy is that if the object is well taken care of once it’s implanted in the jaw, it can endure for a significant period of time.6006 Yonge Dental is a well-known dental implant center near Toronto and introduced at Dentistrynearme, which is a successful dental directory in the area. Despite progress in dental care, millions of patients suffer from toothache, mainly due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or injury. For years, bridges and dentures were the only treatment options available to people with lost teeth. But today, dental implants are available.

Types of Dental Implants

Next, it is better to know the types of dental implants. And what are the uses of it? Throughout history, there have been two different types:

  • Endosteal
  • Subperiosteal

An endosteal implant is an implant that is placed inside the bone, but a subperiosteal implant is an implant that is placed on the jawbone and under the gum tissue. Today, subperiosteal implants are no longer used because, compared to endosteal implants, they have weaker results and less strength in the long term.

For Whom the Implant Is Not Suitable and Will Fail

  • If you have a history of chemotherapy or radiotherapy or are currently undergoing these treatments, you should know you have a lower chance of successful treatment.
  • Certain medical cases, such as osteoporosis and similar diseases, have not yet been confirmed, and their effect on its function and durability is unknown.
  • To perform this surgery, the health of the patient’s gums is very important, and the jaw bones must have enough strength and cohesion to maintain it.
  • In many cases, if the applicant uses tobacco, such as cigarettes, the dentist will refuse the treatment because using these substances, even smoking, reduces the possibility of successful treatment.
  • If you want to replace all the teeth with dental implants, you will need six to eight implants in the upper jaw and four to six implants in the lower jaw.
  • Compliance with general oral and dental hygiene has a great impact on increasing the life of the implant. Implants greatly improve the design of the smile.
  • If you are using drugs that contain bisphosphonate derivatives, it is recommended not to use this treatment.

Dental Implant Care Steps

  1. Before the operation, tooth decay should be checked and fixed.
  2. At least one surgery is necessary to place the implant in the mouth. In this surgery, also known as a dental implant, the implant is placed in the jaw bone.
  3. The titanium pin is integrated with the jawbone a few months after surgery.
  4. After some time and by being sure of the proper integration of the implant and the dental bone, the treating specialist can use the implants as a base and install the dental prosthesis.

Before proceeding with front tooth implantation, be sure to ask your doctor whether this tooth replacement method suits you. First, ensure that the dentist goes through the entire dental implant treatment process.


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