Can Breasts Grow Back After FTM Top Surgery? 

Getting gender-affirming surgery is one of the biggest and most life-changing decisions. When deciding on getting gender-affirming surgery, it is normal to be confused about many things. However, talking to a Richmond, VA FTM surgeon can help you get answers to a lot of your questions. 

What is top surgery? 

A surgery procedure used to either reduce or enhance a transgender person’s breasts as a part of their transition process is commonly called a top surgery. It is a medical procedure that allows them to reflect their true gender and have a body they feel comfortable with. A transgender person’s perceived gender and appearance can hugely impact their mental health and well-being, so top surgery is sometimes considered a necessary medical procedure. 

What are the two types of FTM top surgery? 

In FTM (feminine to masculine) top surgery, there are two types of procedures. These are: 

  • Periareolar 

This procedure involves removing the tissue through small concentric incisions around the areola. It usually preserves sensation in the nipple along with the nipple stalk, has minimal scarring, and is usually more appropriate for people with smaller breasts. For individuals undergoing FTM surgery, areola tattooing can be a final step in achieving a more masculine chest appearance

  • Double incision 

For people with larger breasts, the double incision procedure is more common. A double horizontal incision is made at the bottom and top of the pectoral muscle, and tissue is removed. The nipple has to be severed and re-positioned. This procedure causes more scarring, and the nipple loses sensation as well. However, this is sometimes the only option for people with larger breasts. 

Can breasts grow back after FTM top surgery? 

During FTM top surgery, breast tissue is surgically removed to achieve a masculine look. The idea that your breasts may grow back after an FTM top surgery or if you stop taking testosterone is a myth. This is not true at all, and once your breasts have been surgically removed, they can never grow back. A skilled surgeon takes out 95% of the breast tissue, and if you notice that there is still a little bit of tissue visible, it is to give your chest a proportionate look. The results of an FTM top surgery are irreversible and permanent. 

Speak to a professional today 

Getting an FTM top surgery is life-changing, and this huge decision should not be made without proper guidance. Schedule a consultation with a skilled and experienced doctor and discuss your concerns with them. Make sure all your confusions and doubts are clear before you go ahead with the gender-affirming surgery. 


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