Debilitating Effects of Cocaine Abuse on Families

Drug abuse is just like any other disease. The person addicted to drugs must be viewed as a victim who needs help. In umpteen instances, barring some exceptions, the use of drugs is often forced on people at young age. Sometimes, drugs become their escape from loneliness, abusive environment or extreme hardship.

No matter under what circumstances begot drug addiction, it does not discount the fact that drugs such as cocaine are baneful, not only for the individual but also for the peers and loved ones of the individual. Thus, it becomes imperative that the individual is relieved from this toxic and quicksand-like habit. 

One of the ways to get rid of drug addiction is through therapy and rehabilitation. One of the best rehab centres to help you is Detox and Rehab. It has been documented that learning disabilities and cocaine use are interconnected and the former is a result of the latter in children of the addict. 

Thus, taking the help of Detox and Rehab becomes even more crucial. They were started with the mission of building a community free from drug abuse and addiction. They will be your friend and guide in this long and difficult journey leading to an addiction-free life. They take the help of informative videos, discussions and other activities to help their patients. 

How Cocaine Abuse Affects Families Through Generations  

It is a very popularly held misconception that since the mother bears the child in her womb, the cocaine addiction of the father would have no bearing on the future life of the child. However, this is very distant from the truth. A father who is addicted to cocaine and consumes cocaine at the time of conceiving is bound to have negative impact on the child. 

A child sired by such a father, according to some research, will face problems of impaired memory. Besides that, when a mother consumes cocaine, it may lead to the following medical complications:

  1. Premature delivery
  2. Low weight of the baby
  3. Stunted growth
  4. Issues in behaviour
  5. Impaired memory and problem in learning


Cocaine abuse is very dangerous for the family and thus, individuals must always refrain from it. If someone suffers from the addiction, they must take rehab help. 

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