Difference Between Regular Braces And Clear Aligners

A beautiful smile can escalate your look to the next level. However, most people are not born with perfect teeth and might need some external treatments to align them. 

There are several reasons why your teeth might be crooked. For example, it might result from an accident or irregular growth during permanent teeth development. 

However, the good news is that there are some effective treatments with which you can get bright and well-aligned teeth to enhance your smile. The best part is that some procedures do not involve installing prominent tools in your teeth to reshape them. 

The most significant difference between traditional braces and clear aligners is that clear aligners are not prominently visible like braces which helps you avoid the undesirable look of traditional braces on your teeth. 

If you plan to install clear aligners greensboro nc on your teeth, get it done by an experienced dentist from clear aligners Fort Lauderdale. As they will guide you with everything about installing aligners and what are the dos and don’ts to avoid damaging them.

Difference between regular braces and clear aligners

Regular braces

Regular braces are the oldest fix to align your teeth and have been used since ancient times. They are metal and have three main components, a metal archwire, an elastic, and square-shaped braces.

While these braces are sturdy and reshape your teeth efficiently, they have some drawbacks. For example, the appearance of your teeth might not be very aesthetic. However, they perform the function of aligning your teeth perfectly. 

The installation involves sticking the square-shaped braces on your teeth and then connecting them with the metal archwire. These braces efficiently fill the gap between your teeth and give you a perfect smile. 

However, one must know that this process is tedious and will take longer to complete. Moreover, you will also have to be very careful while consuming particular food and avoid some eatables as they can disrupt your braces or cause discomfort. 

Clear aligners 

Clear aligners have a different and modern approach to reshaping your teeth. Unlike braces, they do not come in different colors; they are always transparent. Moreover, clear aligners are a safe choice for people who do not want people to know about their ongoing dental treatment. 

Mostly, these aligners are preferred by people who are conscious of their appearance and do not want people to know about the dental procedure. Clear aligners are super convenient as they are separately fitted and apply force on each tooth to realign them.

Clear aligners are custom cade for every patient as per their needs, and one can keep them for as long as 22 hours a day. 


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