Five Reasons Your Teeth Need to be Extracted Even If You Don’t Feel Pain in Monterey

If you are experiencing jaw pain, a toothache, throbbing gums, or fever, this could mean you have an oral health issue and must see a dentist. However, sometimes your Monterey cosmetic dentist may say you have a dental problem even if you do not experience any symptoms. Usually, tooth pain or mouth pain is delayed or may not surface until a problem has worsened. The following are reasons a tooth extraction may be necessary even if you are not experiencing pain:

Tooth Decay

Teeth cavities are holes in your teeth caused by plaque. If they are caught early, they can be filled with teeth-colored composite resins or fillings. Small teeth cavities don’t usually cause discomfort. But when cavities are left untreated, they will get bigger. Bigger cavities will cause pain only when the decay has gone to the nerves. Although some big cavities do not require a tooth extraction, this procedure may be necessary when the tooth is deemed irreparable. 

Gum Disease

Regular toothbrushing and flossing, together with dental checkups and cleanings, are important to prevent gum disease. But periodontal disease in some patients can infect their jawbone and tissue, leading to loose teeth that require extraction. These teeth may not cause pain, although they may not be repairable. 

Infection Risks

Patients with a compromised immune system have an increased risk of infection. If they have untreated tooth decay, they may not experience tooth pain. However, they should consider getting the decayed tooth removed to get rid of the infection. 

Crowded Teeth

In some instances, certain teeth need to be extracted when a patient is considering getting dental braces. The dentist will take into account the available space in the patient’s mouth to make it possible to straighten their teeth. Sometimes, this may mean extracting wisdom teeth or other teeth. You will not feel any discomfort from this; however, you should think about this option if you have a crowded mouth and want to straighten your teeth. 

Tooth Restoration isn’t Enough

Often, restoring a damaged tooth usually involves the use of a dental crown or filling first. However, if the damage is too serious, it may not make sense to try to save this tooth. Placing a filling on the tooth can cause it to shatter. Also, this damaged tooth may not be able to support a crown. And if there is too much damage on the tooth, a root canal treatment isn’t possible. 

There is a limit to the number of times a tooth can be worked on. After several root canals, crowns, and fillings, there won’t be enough of the damaged tooth to save. When this happens, it needs to be extracted. 


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