Functioning of an Electronic Cigarette

Unlike traditional cigarettes, บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า do not produce combustion. They produce vapor by heating liquid with a battery-powered heating device. The vapor is then inhaled by the user. It contains nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals. The liquid is stored in a metallic cylinder known as an atomizer. This device is sold empty and can be filled with e-liquid by the user. The device is used as a tobacco substitute because it offers portability, convenience, and portability.

Several types of electronic cigarettes are available. They are classified into two main groups: classical and sub-ohm. These devices have different wire surfaces, which determine the level of resistance. Those with a resistance of fewer than 1.1 ohms are considered sub-ohm devices. They are characterized by a greater level of chemical risk.

Classical devices

Classical devices are mostly made as closed units. They include an atomizer head with a coil unit. These are welded to brackets that are non-resistive. The head is also surrounded by a cap that covers the unit. The atomizer can be made of two parallel wires or one simple wire. Some devices include bare wires, which are welded to the central part.

The resistance of the atomizer is limited by the pressure drop. This value is measured by observing the airflow rate. The airflow rate ranges from 1 L min-1 to 10 L min-1. This value is also used in the calculation of the heat exchange coefficient. The resulting value of 4.8 Pa 0.5 min L-1 is the limit of air resistance.

Direct lung vaping

For direct lung vaping, the limit is 1.1 ohm. This value is equal to the required power of 25 W. The high-power group is designed to be used on a power range of 30 W or more. The power units are also rechargeable.

The study of the cardiovascular effects of electronic cigarettes was conducted by the Centre for the Investigation of Tobacco Use (CITU). The study included dual-combustible and e-cigarette users. It was also performed on nonsmokers. EC phenotype was evaluated in sexes, in cross-sectional participants, and in sole e-cigarette users. The study was performed in the echocardiography laboratory. All participants were asked to refrain from smoking and drinking for four hours before entering the laboratory.

A number of electronic cigarettes were tested in the laboratory. These included a battery-powered heating device known as an atomizer. The atomizer is a metallic cylinder that contains a coil unit. The body of the atomizer contains a tank. It also includes a porous media that drains e-liquid from the tank. The battery is fully charged before use. A group of 26 e-cigarettes was tested. The results were compared to the phenotype of combustible cigarettes.

The results showed that e-cigarette users did not have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease when compared to those who smoked tobacco. The study also found that e-cigarette users were seven times more likely to start smoking cigarettes six months after using e-cigarettes than those who did not use e-cigarettes.


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