How Drug Addiction and Mental Health Relate to One Another

Drug abusers frequently have an underlying cause for their addiction. After all, no one wishes to live with the issues and anxieties that drugs cause. Most, if not all, people are unaware they have a mental illness.

If this is the situation that you are going through, both your mental illness and drug misuse must be addressed for you to think that a path to recovery is conceivable. Individuals who have a better understanding of their beliefs are more inclined to believe there is a future ahead of them.

When a patient initially comes to Inner Voyage Recovery Center for rehab therapy, the medical team will do an assessment focused on the possibility of a dual diagnosis, allowing them to examine both the patient’s current symptoms and any prior concerns. Once physicians know if a mental health condition is present, they can better tailor the treatment strategy that helps the patient in recovering.

What Causes a Dual Diagnosis?

A person’s familial background might impact both substance abuse and mental health difficulties. People who are genetically prone to both sorts of disorders are far more likely to get both. Drug addiction is frequent among people with mental illnesses, even if taking drugs is not an issue in their family.

This is why many of them begin to self-medicate. Many of these diseases are caused by trauma or make patients feel hopeless. Alcohol and drugs can dull these sensations and ideas, enabling a person to escape reality for a short time. Those who have experienced a lot of stress or have recently been through a catastrophic disaster may also pursue this path.

The inverse is also conceivable, particularly for people who misuse alcohol in excess. Because alcohol is a depressive, the probability of experiencing sensations such as loneliness, thoughts of suicide, and despair increases with the amount consumed.

Doctors’ Most Common Diagnoses

Although there are numerous combinations of drug use and mental health disorders, researchers have discovered several that may be predicted during screenings. As mentioned before, depression and alcohol are frequently related. However, a significant proportion of persons who take drugs also have bipolar illness. Others may be diagnosed with schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder (BPD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


When dealing with a mental health disease and a drug abuse problem, they may suffer in other areas of their life. Exaggerated symptoms of a dual disease may cause people to lose sight of those they love and themselves.

As a result, people may experience more guilt and concern, which is detrimental to their social condition. They could isolate themselves apart from loved ones and friends. Without a support structure, these people will become increasingly reliant on medications to feel better. As a result, loved ones should be on the lookout for these symptoms in order to assist the individual in obtaining the necessary therapy.

It Is Possible to Improve

While not everybody with a dual diagnosis is aware of it, being aware of it may help them make better decisions. Because drug addiction is considerably more visible than mental health disorders, Inner Voyage Recovery Center is pleased to use a dual diagnosis evaluation.

After making the correct diagnosis, they will be able to give their patients a detailed treatment plan. With three types of outpatient treatment available, people will be able to use a variety of therapies and medical aid to help them realize their own worth and that there are better methods for managing their mental health difficulties. Patients will be able to comprehend that they are not alone on their trip or the only ones experiencing such symptoms as a result of the availability of group treatment.

Therapy is still viable despite the fact that psychological health and substance addiction illnesses are persistent. Inner Voyage Recovery Center’s staff works hard to ensure that every individual has access to the knowledge and assistance they require to manage their symptoms. If you or a loved one is battling with addiction, their experts will assist you in identifying the fundamental causes and getting you started on the road to recovery.


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