Ido Fishman Discusses What Our Preference Should Be Out of Diet and Fitness

In fitness there is a question which remains unsolved which is that what should be focused on more i.e. diet or fitness. However, most of the people agree that if they were to choose between the two, then they would go for fitness first and later diet. But today, fitness seekers go for both at the same time because they desire for more results.

In this article, Ido Fishman discusses that while both are effective methods, yet fitness should be a person’s first choice. 

Weight Loss Made Easy Through Improved Fitness

Ido Fishman describes that currently in the world, more than 650 million adults are victims of obese i.e. over-weight. In their struggle against fighting obese, at least 3 million victims of obese are dying worldwide every year. So for the majority of people of over-weight, their first choice to counter obese is to go on diet. 

Diet is helpful in losing weight yet not eating anything also does not help and in fact creates more problems. It has been seen in many cases of obese as if the victims are on hunger strike. Diet however does not mean not eating anything. Instead, it means ‘controlled diet’ i.e. eating things which have less calories and fats. So diet isn’t the ultimate solution to obese and it has been proven scientifically as well.

Ido Fishman argues that to enjoy a healthier life, the best technique is to improve physical activity. Advanced and latest researches have also endorsed that physical activity is the best counter against obese. Fat is bad for heart and may lead to premature deaths as well. So the victims of obese believed that diet was their friend. However, this theory has been proven wrong because improved physical activities are the best preventive measures against premature deaths and cardiac diseases. So even if a person is over-weight but he does improve physical activity, then he is fit. Therefore, the focus must be drawn towards physical fitness rather than going after the diet programs. 

However, with improved physical activities, healthy diet can be added for fetching results beyond expectations. For this, Ido Fishman suggests things which are provided by nature and loaded with materials required to remove fat.

Adding Avocados In The Diet

Avocado is a great fruit which is naturally an antidote against fat. Not even apples are so effective than avocados because it has other peculiar benefits which apples do not possess. Visceral belly fat is quite dangers for a human body, whether male or female. However, apples do help in removing only a decent amount of this fat. But the intake of one avocado is enough for removing a great amount of this dangerous visceral belly fat.

Top researchers of the world recently got together and made people with obese to eat particular meal inclusive of an avocado for 3 months. The research proved that eating avocados helped these men and women in losing weight considerably and efficiently. 

Whole Grains – The Remover of Waistline Fat

Grains are something which we take in our everyday diet very frequently. A study was carried out last year which involved intake of whole grains. The study revealed that there are numerous benefits of adding whole grains into the diet. 

The findings further revealed that eating of whole grains is very effective in removing fats from difficult areas of the body such as waistline. Most importantly, they are very helpful in lowering the increase in waistline. For instance, the study showed that usually waistline is increased with time. However, those who took meals with whole grains saw their waistline increased by an inch in four years’ time. Those who were taking grains in high quantity in their daily diets had their waistlines increased by half an inch only during four years’ time.

Since grains are full of dietary fiber therefore they are helpful in not only reducing the fat but also balancing the fats. A human body also requires fats as well but excessive fats are dangerous while balanced fats are essential.


So both, fitness and diet, are helpful in countering obese but dieting without knowledge could be bad for health. Fitness on the other hand is solution to many problems, especially obese and adding calculated diet into it can be extraordinary benefitting.


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