IsoRise within Medical Billing Solutions : What is it and how does it work? 

A platform for online courses called IsoRise aids in the education of others. By creating a few courses and then selling them online, small business owners and a select few people use this platform to express their interest. In essence, it enables someone to design, promote, and sell online coaching packages and courses. This is also part of their marketing plan because it allows them to reach a larger audience, brand and sell their company more subtly, earn some money, and point people to their websites and social media pages. We found a particularly important use case within the medical billing solutions industry.

Why ought you to pick IsoRise? 

Unified platform 

The IsoRise platform makes it possible to create an online course company all in one location. Since it can be used to reach audiences and add course videos, documents, emails, newsletters, and payments, it is referred to as an all-in-one platform. 

Make specialised classes 

It enables users to design their own courses from scratch, upload course videos, and designate certain categories for each course. Additionally, add modules to the course to break it up into manageable chunks for easy comprehension. Each module can be customised to include text, images, videos, and documents that users can read and download. permits tracking of assignments After each module, the provider can add homework to track how well each student has understood the material. Assignments can also be informed in the form of papers that can be added to and downloaded, multiple-choice questions with auto-checking, and more. Emails are crucial, especially when communicating with several reserves. Currently, adding email addresses and adding them manually makes using email through other sites complicated and time-consuming. Our solution allows users to send several emails with a single click, and since we have client information at the outset, everything is automated. 

Obtain payments on schedule 

One of the most crucial agreements for small businesses is getting paid on time. To make it simple and straightforward, we have made payments digital. where payments can be received and sent online at any time and from any location. To manage digital payments, we use Stripe, Google Pay, and other payment links. 

restricted access to courses 

We have set limits for every course, allowing the provider to decide who can access them. In order to make scheduling your classes possible, you may also schedule a course in advance and release students on that specific day. 

Simple to use 

This software is designed to be used by everyone and does not require any prior commercial, technological, or software skills. One only needs a desire to learn and share that knowledge with others. You can also get training and tutorials on how to utilise our software from us. Like our medical billing solutions, the software has been designed with this simplicity in mind.

documents and reports 

In order to determine which of your courses has achieved good sales and which has not, we also provide reports and summaries on course growth and sales data. This aids in learning about and developing one’s business. Weekly, monthly, and annual reports are offered, and they can be utilised to process a company’s annual financials. 

Secure and safe system 

Since we use cloud-based technologies, we take precautions to ensure the security of all of your information. No information will be shared or utilised without the client’s consent, keeping POPIA compliance in mind. 

Friendship and community 

We provide you with a strong community to interact with and grow with as well as excellent customer support. You can connect with other like minded professionals that use our medical billing solutions.




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