Non-Surgical Method of Face Lifting – Should You Have It?

A minimally invasive surgical treatment called Thermage is used to tighten skin. It is specially created to help tighten the skin, providing a smoother and younger look in only one treatment by utilizing a mix of heat energy and Monopolar Radiofrequency (RF) radiation to induce collagen synthesis in deep tissue. Also, the technique is extremely relaxing and comfortable because to the heating and cooling pulses that alternate.

Since 2002, when thermage first appeared, the market has seen an increase in demand. In order to give users the finest experience possible, technology has also improved in line with this. It was in 2018 when Thermage FLX was introduced, which is a procedure that uses monopolar RF method. it delivers high frequency energy within the deep dermal layer.It is intended to deliver ample amount of heat to the subcutaneous layer of the skin, especially to a temperature of 55 °C or higher, which will induce the skin’s collagen fibers to contract.The main goal of the procedure is to tighten drooping skin and repair the collagen fibers beneath your skin’s surface in order to promote the generation of new collagen.

Who are the ideal candidates for thermage flx?

Thermage flx: facial thread lifting treatment is perfect for:

    • People who are looking to get a non-surgical facelift.
  • People have hollowed-out parts of the face.
  • Those who want to get rid of creases on the areas around the lips, neck, lip, and jaw including loose, sagging skin.
  • Those who want to remove wrinkles around the eyes, crow’s feet, and droopy eyelids.
  • Those who want to get younger-looking skin without having to go through under the knife.

Benefits of thermage flx

  • Makes saggy skin tighter
  • Treats sagging eyelid
  • Tightens the abdominal skin
  • Smoothes out wrinkles
  • Notable outcomes after just one session
  • Minimal recovery time and non-invasive procedure
  • Promotes the synthesis of collagen

Are there any limitations?

  • Final results might not appear for three to six months. It would take several months for you to see the difference. 
  • The results are not permanent. You would need touch up treatments to maintain desired results.

How does it Work?

A common alternative to “sagging skin therapy without cutting” is “thermacool.” Skin is left intact during the entire operation. Without requiring any type of surgery, the device can efficiently penetrate the deep layers of skin. It also reaches the subcutaneous layers of the skin, in addition to the dermis layer, creating a significant tightening impact.A more comfortable experience is made possible by the cooling system, which also effectively reduces pain brought on by high temperatures. It has a cooling system in the form of cooling gas. To prevent heat injury to the surface of your skin, cooling gas is sprayed both before and after the radiation treatment.

It also comes with function of vibration. Several vibrations will be delivered in order to prevent the transfer of pain, so lessening it.Distribute hot area discomfort with continuous output such as a technology with a high frequency energy output is employed to lessen pain, particularly in the hot areas.


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