Options for Replacing Missing Teeth Following an Extraction

You do have to replace your missing teeth after having a tooth extracted. The bones in your mouth may deteriorate and lose solidity if the teeth are not changed. Additionally, other teeth may move, which could make eating challenging. Thankfully, you have a variety of tooth replacement choices. Contact a dental clinic in Dexter MI, to get the best dental services.

  • Dental implants.

In essence, a dental implant serves as an anchor for a crown. The implant acts as a root and is positioned in the lower or upper jaw. The majority of the time, implants feel and function like natural teeth. Therefore, they are a well-liked option for those requiring a substitute tooth or teeth.

The implant is primarily positioned in the jawbone. The mouth then must recover. The implant’s surrounding bone builds during the healing process. It takes months to complete this procedure. On the top of the implant is a crown. This can be done immediately following implant insertion or after the mouth has healed.

  • Removable dentures

After tooth extraction, detachable partial dentures can potentially be used as a substitute. These dentures consist of a foundation and substitute teeth. In order to increase strength and performance, the orthodontist will place a clip that fastens the prosthesis to the natural teeth.

Detachable partial dentures must be worn throughout the day and removed at night if the wearer has them. These dentures require additional visits to achieve a good fit. This lessens the possibility of sores forming when wearing dentures.

If the detachable partial dentures break or chip, restorations are required. Additionally, modifications to the mouth could make the dentures unfit. In that case, modifications are required.

  • Fixed bridges.

After a removal, fixed bridges are an additional potential alternative. The wearer cannot replace the bridge because it is bonded or fixed. If extraction is required, the dentist must perform it.

The first step in the procedure is for the dentist to prepare the teeth along either side of the space. To join the teeth with the bridge, the teeth must be filed down. The dentist will then create a mold of the teeth. 

The impression is delivered to a lab, where engineers create the bridge from metal, ceramic, or glass-ceramic materials. Before the arrival of the permanent bridge, people wear a provisional one. They return to the orthodontist to get the bridge inserted after that.

Tooth replacement is imperative.

Just after the tooth is removed, restoration is extremely important. You can choose transplants, fixed bridges, and demountable dentures. The best option for your unique situation will be guided by your dentist. The substitute option you select will then be swiftly provided to you by your dentist.


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