Preparing a surrogate mother

More and more people are using surrogacy services. There may be different reasons: from a personal conscious choice to the peculiarities of a woman’s body.

In any case, the choice and preparation of a surrogate mother is a very serious and responsible stage.

So preparation includes two main criteria:

  • The psychological preparation of the surrogate mother;
  • Preparation of the surrogate’s body.

Surrogate candidates are carefully selected and screened. Our clinic employees treat this task with delicacy and responsibility, as it directly impacts the health of the baby and the comfort of the couple who has chosen the surrogate services.

Our clients may be 100% sure about the mental and physiological health of women applying for surrogacy of their child.

Stage 1 of surrogate training

Our clinic takes great care when examining women who want to become surrogates.

First of all, they undergo a free medical examination of their physical health, which includes an appointment with a gynecologist and ultrasound of their pelvic organs.

Only after our experts confirm the applicant’s required health status is she allowed to proceed to the next stages.

The personal administrator guides each woman, advises her on organizational issues, helps her fill out the necessary documents and the questionnaire.

On the basis of the filled-in questionnaire, the biological parents will further select a surrogate mother depending upon their personal preferences or recommendations of the specialists.

Psychologically, the main difficulty may occur after the birth of the child. The surrogate mother may have a strong maternal instinct as a result of which there may be an attachment or even an irresistible desire to keep the baby. Such a scenario is unacceptable.

That is why the program includes psychological work in this direction, in order to avoid such incidents. Psychological training of surrogate mothers, as well as biological examinations, is an important and integral part of their preparation. In order to avoid any difficulties for the clients as well as for the children born by the surrogate mother, the only parents after the birth of the child are the genetic parents.

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Stage 2 of surrogate preparation

For successful embryo implantation, it is necessary to synchronize the menstrual cycle of the surrogate and the biological mother.

The pregnancy test is performed 12-14 days after implantation. In case the test is positive, the surrogate is prescribed a number of hormones to be taken up to 14 weeks of pregnancy.

After the embryo is implanted, the surrogate mother should not exercise or have sexual intercourse for two months in order to ensure the embryo’s successful fixation in the uterus.

During the entire period of pregnancy (and especially during the first trimester), the surrogate mother is under close supervision of the clinic’s doctors and under constant care and attention of the couple who have decided to have a baby this way.

Proper care, physical and psychological condition of a surrogate mother are the most important factors during pregnancy.

After the birth of the child, the surrogate mother must not have any contact with the couple who used her services, much less with the born child.


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