Simple Tips for Staying Hydrated

Water – 70% of our planet’s surface area and an even bigger percentage of our body mass. It is everywhere around us and everywhere inside us. And yet, many of us still have pretty challenging time staying hydrated throughout the day. Hydration is one of those things which is incredibly simple, and yet many of us seem to have a hard time doing it. The rule of thumb “eight glasses of water a day” is known by almost everyone – but significantly fewer of us follow it. 

Synergy Science, a company specializing in high-tech hydration solutions like hydrogen water, recommend that all it takes to stay hydrated every day is a bare minimum of diligence. Accordingly, few of these tips are going to be particularly onerous. These tips can be immensely helpful and certainly help you do something about you hydration, but it really should be stressed – staying hydrated is really nothing more complicated than drinking water.  

A Note About Physical Exertion 

Of course, while the eight glasses a day rule might hold good for the majority of people, sometimes you’re going to require more, most often during and after a period of particularly strenuous activity or exertion. In practice, this usually means when you are exercising or playing sports. Not only is it more important to stay hydrated at this time but failing to do so can have some pretty disastrous consequences. Accordingly, remember to drink more when exercising. 

The other thing that can require you to drink more water is excessively hot weather or any conditions under which you will sweat more. Sweating is a necessary function that helps us regulate our body temperature and keep it at a safe level, but it does this by sacrificing bodily water. Accordingly, you need to replace it under such conditions. 

Top Tips for Staying Hydrated

So, with that out of the way then. Here follows some top tips to help you stay hydrated throughout the day. If you have been failing to achieve this so far, then you might be surprised at the difference made. A great deal of everyday physical discomfort can be simply put down to being dehydrated. 

Don’t Wait Until You Are Thirsty 

By the time your body indicates that you need to drink water by causing the sensation of thirst, then you are already dehydrated. Try to sip fluids steadily throughout the day. It is pretty difficult to overhydrate so you don’t need to worry about that. 

Flavor Your Water 

One of the reasons why you might find yourself regularly dehydrated is that water tastes rather bland to you. Even if you can easily drink it, you might forget simply because it is totally unexciting. Why not therefor flavor it with fresh fruits or a splash of fruit juice? This can create quite a delicious and refreshing drink that still contains the same amount of water. 

Eat Water-Rich Foods 

In practice, this means plenty of fruit and vegetables, which are typically composed mainly of water. Having them on hand or incorporating them into mealtimes will help you stay hydrated by means other than pouring yourself a glass and drinking. 

Be Aware of Dehydration Signs 

Dehydration can cause any number of symptoms, many of which can be pretty unpleasant; while mild, they might not be instantly recognizable as a symptom of dehydration. A trick is to keep an eye on the color of your urine when you go to the toilet. It should be a pale straw color – any darker and it’s time to hydrate. 

Ultimately, keeping hydrated is covered in health 101. However, while it may be simple, it couldn’t be more important.


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