Symptoms of Long Covid: How Life Is Still Affected?  


Covid-19- the name is enough to send down a chill through the spine of many people. This raging pandemic made the world crash down as a whole in the recent times. From the economies of countries to education in general, this one disease has caused enough harm to the world. From heart wrenching pile of dead bodies to repeated returns with more symptoms, Covid-19 did it all to keep humanity at its edge. Countries were forced to shut down almost everything except the emergency services. With a high contraction rate, this virus took lives of the loved ones. People lost their jobs and faced crucial metal situation.

Students lost their opportunities and there were more than enough suicides. Most countries in the world were ravaged in a bad people. People were stranded in foreign countries as there were restrictions on international travel. Restrictions were imposed within the home territory as well. People tried to stay by each other as much as possible but from a distance. Constant efforts from the side of the doctors and researchers game birth to the vaccines which ultimately helped in bringing the control back to the humans.

The disease and Long Covid

The primary symptoms were fever, cold and cough and respiratory issues. The symptoms kept on changing as the pandemic came back in new waves. But it didn’t take long to discover that it was not enough to recover from the disease alone. There were long lasting bad effects of the disease on the patients. These symptoms were named as long covid which is still many who recovered from the disease.

Varied effects

While the aftereffects are being called as long covid in general, the duration of the effects are varying from person to person. Lasting effects are nothing new as many other diseases also cause these. Symptoms of long covid are persistent till five to twelve months of recovery. The symptoms might get worse after a few days of improving. It can be seen in people who were affected with virus in general.

The most common symptoms

The most common of long covid symptoms (อาการ long covid, term in Thai) are shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of smell and difficulty in concentrating. These four of the symptoms were noticed in most people while there are other symptoms as well. Chest pain is one of the symptoms which can notice in both Covid-19 patients and people who have recovered from it. It is necessary to get medical help as you experience chest pain after covid contraction. Muscle and joint problems are common during or after the disease. These symptoms slowly improve as you get your health back from the grab of the disease. If the pain is creating an issue in your daily chores, it is time to get medical help.

It is necessary for patients to get back to normal life slowly. Over-exerting yourself can make things worse. Consider your energy levels to plan your activities throughout the day. Take frequent short rests whenever needed and get medical help when necessary.


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