Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation’s Mission to Cure 500,000 Blindness By 2026

When the world was fighting the COVID-19 lockdown, and everything seemed bleak, without hope, two individuals – Mr. Tej Kohli and Dr. Sanduk Ruit forged a partnership. Despite living 4,582 miles apart, their partnership brought people a glimmer of light (metaphorically and literally).

Philanthropist Tej Kohli and the Lord of Sight, Dr. Sanduk, showed that to help the people of the world, the distance between Europe and South Asia is not an issue. The result was forming the TejKholi and Ruit Foundation. They undertook the mission to cure 500,000 unwanted blindness by 2026 in Asia and Africa’s remote and under-developed communities.

Mr. Kohli already has his Tej Kohli Eye Foundation that has been working towards transforming the communities by curing eye diseases. Now when these two have joined hands, they have been scaling up the activities in 2022. The Foundation has offered free treatment to the people of poverty-stricken areas of Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Laos, Bhutan, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

Since the launch of the Foundation, the duo, with their team of doctors, nurses and volunteers, have cured 5,335 people and screened 63,257 patients, mainly in Nepal.

Both these goodwill ambassadors of the world have an impressive track record in curing blindness. Between 2015 and 2019, Kohli’s Cornea Institute in India cured over 43,000 patients with corneal blindness. On the other hand, Dr. Sanduk restored eyesight to over 130,000 people in Asia and Africa.

Both these stalwarts have worked together to offer low-cost techniques in curing the eyesight of the thousands.

Tej Kohli, an entrepreneur and investor has worked closely with the latest technology and robotics to uplift people’s livelihood. Similarly, Dr. Ruit has worked tirelessly to cure blindness among underprivileged people with cost-effective technology. The result is becoming part of the mission to cure needless blindness, i.e., blindness that can be cured, which often leads to extreme poverty among poor communities.

From 2021 these two men, who are in their sixties now, have been working tirelessly to set up camps in remote locations in the underdeveloped nation and create a legacy as men who made the world different and better for people.


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