Tips on shoe bite prevention

Shoe bites are painful sores and rashes on the feet caused by friction between your footwear surface and your skin. These rashes cause tremendous discomfort and hold the risk of infection if left untreated. Therefore, it is always better to prevent their occurrence. This article explores the various ways effective in shoe bite prevention

  1. Minimize friction using petroleum jelly: Petroleum jelly creates a thick, moisturizing barrier between your skin and the shoe. Applying a layer of it on your heels and toes and other areas that are prone to rashes is a great way to prevent blisters and painful rashes. However, it is not the best solution for rashes as it is greasy and a risk of slippage is always there

  2. Create a fabric barrier- Wear socks!: Socks are among the best accessories for shoe bite prevention. Just like the moisturizing barrier stated above, socks create a thicker, cozy layer preventing contact between the feet and the shoes. Hence, there is reduced friction and as a result, reduced chances of getting a shoe bite.

  3. Use pantry essentials as a hack: Pantry essentials like corn flour or baking soda are great items to use as preventative measures. Simply dusting your feet and shoes with these softens the inside of your shoes, acting as a natural way to keep your feet more comfortable when moving and blister-free when wearing the shoes for long hours.

  4. Always wear the right fit: If none of the usual methods are helping prevent shoe bites, you might want to take a close look at the shoe fit. Perhaps they are too loose or too tight. In either case, they would cause discomfort and problems like sores and blisters.

  5. Break into new shoes: Contrary to the above possibility, it could happen that the new shoes are just a tad harder than usual. In that case, you might have bought the right fit but not the right softness or flexibility. There are several hacks that can help break into your new shoes.

For example:

– Wearing the shoes with ultra thick socks for some time, ignoring the discomfort.
– Heating up the shoes with a hair dryer until they are warm and soft.
– Stretching the shoes by placing freezer bags on the toes and storing them in the freezer overnight.
– Massaging the edges of leather shoes with olive oil or coconut oil for a few days to turn them less abrasive and more comfortable.
– Molding strappy sandals by dunking them in a bucket of water, towel-drying them and then walking around in them for a couple of hours. Upon drying, they tend to take a more comfortable shape matching your feet. .

6. Use an anti–shoe bite gel: Anti-shoe bite gels and feet protecting solutions are a highly effective way to safeguard your toes and heels.These patented inventions work by producing a breathable, non-greasy membrane covering the skin. The said membrane is water repellantand acts as a second skin preventing your actual skin from tearing and blistering.

The takeaway

While a high-quality foot blister cream and home remedies based on aloe-vera are effective shoebite cure options, preventative measures go a long way in maintaining your podiatric health. It is vital to keep the delicate skin on your feet safe from problems caused by friction with shoes. Dermatologists recommend conscious shoe bite prevention methods as part of regular footcare. That is because a blistered or rash-prone foot cannot be pampered with pedicures or skincare. A blister-free foot, on the other hand, is also pain free and easy to maintain.  


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