What Are the Mental Health Benefits of Home Health Care?

While many people identify home health care with the elderly or those with chronic conditions, there is an increasing need for mental health treatments. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one out of every five people in the United States suffers from a mental illness. When suffering from a mental illness, it may not be easy to go to work or maintain personal cleanliness. Suicidal thoughts or actions are common in persons suffering from major mental illnesses. Some of the ways home health care may help with mental health difficulties are as follows.


Those suffering from mental illnesses almost always use prescription medicines to mitigate the most severe negative effects. They may forget to take the prescription or try to skip it totally if they are not feeling well. A home health aide can assist by frequently preparing their meds and ensuring that refills are obtained when they run out.


As previously said, when mental health symptoms are at their worst, even the most routine duties become difficult. However, one must still look after oneself. Being clean and dressed might sometimes assist in lifting one’s spirits. Even if the client does not want to leave the house, a home health care provider can assist them in getting ready for the day. This includes getting dressed, bathing, and brushing one’s teeth. This can aid in the formation of a daily habit in the client’s head, placing them on a schedule that they can later adjust to and accomplish on their own.


Professionals working with mental health issues can help clients get to doctor appointments in the same way that they help the chronically ill or elderly. Only some clients have a support system, and only some are able to drive. Home health care workers help clients on their journey to a better future by delivering this service.


Going out in public when you are battling with your mental health may be daunting and practically paralyzing. When a health care provider arrives, they can both encourage and accompany their clients to see family and friends. If their client becomes overwhelmed, the expert can talk to them and take them home if necessary.

Emotional Assistance

Even if no physical assistance is required, health care experts may be there to just listen to the client. Customers may become lonely because not everyone has family or loved ones who can be there at all times. The health care practitioner can supply the daily dose of human connection that patients require to feel more at peace. In fact, it may help to divert their attention away from the topics that are most important to them.

Getting Help From Change, Inc. and Its Services

Change, Inc. provides mental health counseling as well as home health care in Middletown, CT, for the elderly and people with acquired brain injuries. Our team’s goal is to help our customers live their lives to the fullest while overcoming hurdles.

Although it is a crucial component of our life, mental health is generally considered a taboo issue. Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are all considered. It influences how we think, feel, and act. It also helps us deal with stress, engage with people, and make sound decisions. The seemingly unattainable may become reachable with a business like Change, Inc. on your side.


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