What Are the Most Popular Types of Hash?

When it comes to hash, there are many different varieties. There is hand-rubbed, dry-sifted, Afghani, Moroccan, and Lebanese. If you’re looking for something a little stronger, try Moroccan Pollen. It is similar to Afghani hash, but more crumbly, and it is often used in hookahs. These pipes tend to get clogged fairly quickly.

Dry-sift or hand-rubbed hash

Dry hash is made by gently sifting dried cannabis to separate the trichomes and release a fine powder. This powder is known as kief, and it is then pressed into blocks. This method of producing hash is also used in Afghanistan, where it is known as chars and is made by kneading the dried flower over a low heat.


Afghani is a popular strain that focuses on bringing about a relaxed and mellow high. Its effects are often described as being similar to that of a heavy wave and can help you unwind from the stresses of everyday life. It can also help you fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.


Moroccan hash is aromatic and smooth, producing a pleasant uplifting high. It contains a low percentage of THC and has a pleasant smell. It originates in Nepal, a region of the Himalayas where cannabis grows naturally. People in the region make temple balls from the dried flowers. These balls are rolled into balls with a distinctive shine.


There are various types of hash available in Lebanon. Each variety has its own unique characteristics and effects. The Red Lebanese, for example, has a bright red color, thanks to ripe trichome heads. Lebanese Blonde, on the other hand, is more cerebral and produces a high that lingers in the mind. Turkish Brick, on the other hand, consists of highly compressed slabs of trichomes, and a lighter effect than the rest of the variety.


Kashmiri hash is similar to charas, but is much more potent and aromatic. This type of hash is available in various strains, including a very pungent black hash, which originates in Pakistan. It is a favorite among smokers who prefer to experience the harsh sting of a strong hit without the high.

Manali Cream

Manali Cream is one of the most popular forms of hash. This type of hash is made from cannabis that grows naturally in the region. It contains high levels of THC, which is a psychoactive chemical that is smoked or taken orally. A high THC content in the Cream can indicate a high quality product.


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