What is Elder Abuse and Neglect? Everything You Need to Know

Elder abuse and neglect are common worldwide, where elders are exploited physically, emotionally, financially, sexually, and more. Standing up against it is vital to spot these activities and protect their lives. If you’re unaware of elder abuse and neglect and curious about how an Ontario workers compensation attorney can help, we have covered you. This article is a complete guide to elder abuse and neglect. So, without any delay, let’s dive in! 

Introduction To Elder Abuse And Neglect

Elder abuse is an action where a person physically, mentally, sexually, or emotionally harms an elder. Additionally, it also includes neglecting or exploiting them financially. Since older adults are more fragile because of their age, they fail to stand up against bullying, take care of themselves, or fight back in emergencies. As a result, they shift to old age homes for their protection. If you suspect any situation, standing up for them is vital. 

Some of the most common types of elder abuse are: 

  • Physical elder abuse 
  • Emotional elder abuse 
  • Sexual elder abuse 
  • Financial exploitation 
  • Healthcare abuse and fraud 
  • Elder neglect or self-neglect 

Warning Signs Of Elder Abuse

Major warning signs of elder abuse include:

Physical exploitation 

  • Explained injuries, bleeding, bruises, scars and welts 
  • Broken bones, dislocations, and sprains 
  • Drug overdose or not giving medicines properly 
  • Broken frames or eyeglasses 

Emotional exploitation 

  • Controlling behavior and threatening the elder person 

Sexual exploitation 

  • Bruises about gentiles, vagina, or breasts 
  • Unexplained anal or vaginal bleeding 
  • Stained, torn, or bloody underclothing 

Elder neglect or self-neglect

  • Dehydration, malnutrition, or unknown weight loss 
  • Being left unbathed or dirty for a long time
  • Unclean sanitary conditions 

Financial exploitation

  • Continuous withdrawals from an elder’s bank account 
  • Changes in the power of attorney or wills 
  • Unnecessary goods, subscriptions and services 

Preventing Tips For Elder Abuse And Neglect 

Some prevention tips include: 


  • Stay connected and active 
  • Report suspected abuse and stay vigilant 
  • Learn about elder abuse 
  • Recognize beating or any other abuse and speak against it
  • Find support groups 

How Can A Worker’s Compensation Attorney Help This Case?

A worker’s compensation attorney is a legal expert who guides and protects the rights of elders, collects evidence to prove liability, and files a case. These are experienced professionals who make decisions based on the case’s complexity. 

Wrap Up!

Elder abuse and neglect have become widely common and disturbing. If someone goes through such exploitation, it is essential to stand up for yourself and hire a worker’s compensation attorney to seek justice. 


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