What Is The Soberlink Device?

Soberlink uses a thorough alcohol monitor review to build a system of accountability. A Soberlink gadget is a wirelessly connected, portable professional-grade breathalyser that leverages cutting-edge technology. Face recognition software is built-in to ensure that only the individual who is being tested may use the gadget. Other tamper-proof elements ensure that the procedure is trustworthy and accurate.

Real-time reporting to specified monitoring parties, such as spouses, friends, police enforcement. Moreover, anyone you choose, ensures that a person who fails a test may be followed up right away.

Through a thorough alcohol monitoring system, Soberlink promotes accountability for sobriety. Face recognition, tamper detection, and real-time reporting are among the features of this professional-grade breathalyzer that combines wireless connectivity, a portable design, and cutting-edge technology. Soberlink device is FDA-approved for the use in family law, addiction recovery, as well as in workplace compliance.

Alcohol Monitoring Law Enforcement 

Law enforcement, family law, and the sobriety treatment groups have all commended Soberlink. That status was recently upgraded when it was included in a consensus report by an expert panel on the use of remote monitoring in the treatment of alcoholism.

The report was published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine and was prepared by a panel of use disorder treatment and research professionals. The researchers found that remote alcohol monitoring might be useful as a deterrent, early detection, and intervention tool.

Soberlink Systems 

On the company’s website, you can also read various testimonials on the Soberlink System’s usefulness. Some legal proceedings have been launched against Soberlink in the past. But they appear to be mostly behind the firm now as it continues forward.

You won’t have a hard time discovering complaints about the item if you look online. These should be used with a grain of salt. It wouldn’t surprise me if the bulk of these complaints stemmed from people who were unable to maintain their sobriety, causing them to lose parenting time. I have utilised the gadget daily for a year and had no false positives. Since then, I’ve been sober.


Soberlink provides two different types of monitoring devices. Soberlink Connect interacts with an app and sends results through Bluetooth. But Soberlink Cellular is an all-in-one gadget that sends results in real-time via its connection.

These small, portable devices employ face recognition to authenticate a user’s identification anytime, anywhere, as an alternative to lab testing. No one will be able to hack the system thanks to advanced tamper detection capabilities.

The findings of a test are given to all parties involved as soon as it is completed, allowing them to follow progress. Accountability is the first step toward sobriety.

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