Zygomatic Implants Benefits 

Have you been informed that your upper jaw has lost too much bone for full-mouth dental implants? If yes, you probably would make a fantastic candidate for zygomatic dental implants in Parkland, FL

There are many advantages of zygomatic implants over bone grafts and sinus lifts: 

  • alternative methods are less invasive 
  • greater, more reliable assistance 
  • higher rate of eligibility 
  • fewer visits from beginning to end 
  • greater rate of success than grafts alone 

How Do Zygomatic Implants Work? 

Zygomatic implants are specialty implants for patients who lack enough bone in their upper jaw or maxillary bone to support conventional implants. They are positioned at an angle and significantly longer than conventional implants to safely access and merge into the cheekbone or zygoma.

A Device Fixed to the Cheekbone 

The robust, sturdy zygoma serves as extra assistance for the zygomatic implant. An animation of the immediate loading of zygomatic prostheses to a full bridge of zirconia teeth may be seen below. 

The Majority of People Qualify for Zygomatic Implants 

Most persons are qualified for zygomatic implants, regardless of bone loss. People who require full-mouth dental care are frequently denied treatment because of severe bone loss in the upper jaw. Numerous patients have been informed that the only way to get relief is through arduous bone graft therapy, which can take several months to complete.

Teeth Support the Same Day 

The sturdiness of the implants and the support provided by the implant site allow patients to leave the office with new teeth on the same day as the treatment. The truth is that you will have teeth and be able to consume real food even during the healing process while your implants are fusing with your zygoma and jaw. 

Only for Replacement of Upper Teeth 

Even with extensive bone loss in the mandible, surgeons can identify enough bone in the lower jaw using methods like slanted implants. Severe bone loss is more typical in the upper jaw.

Can a Zygomatic Implant support a Single Tooth? 

No. Only full restorations of the upper teeth use zygomatic implants. The angled loading will support an entire upper bridge of prosthetic teeth. This method should not be used for only one dental implant treatment.

Study the advantages and disadvantages. 

You must consider the options offered by the doctors you’ve consulted and select the course of action that is best for you, just as with any medical procedure. Although very uncommon, zygomatic procedures are not frequently performed by other doctors. They cost more than the conventional bone graft method.


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