Lupus Specialist in London


Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects around five million people worldwide. It is a condition where your immune system attacks healthy tissues in the body and causes systemic inflammation.

People can experience many symptoms, including joint pain, skin rashes or lesions and crippling fatigue. In most cases, these symptoms will get progressively worse over time, especially when left undiagnosed and untreated.

The long term effects of lupus can lead to risks of internal organ damage, especially for those with moderate to severe disease. Diagnosing lupus as early as possible can give a patient more control over their symptoms and the progression of this autoimmune disease.

Living with lupus

Lupus can have a massive effect on your quality of life. According to lupus Europe’s 2020 Living with Lupus survey, nearly half of respondents reported that this disease has negatively impacted their studies or employment and their ability to perform routine daily activities.

One of the main issues that people with lupus find is that it can take over three years to get a formal diagnosis when their symptoms become noticeable. They can go without the proper treatment to help manage their condition effectively during that time.

The problem doctors can have diagnosing lupus is that many of the symptoms experienced can be mistaken for something else. This makes it even more time-consuming to diagnose and for patients to get the treatment they need.

Quicker diagnosis and faster treatments

Medical research is an ever-evolving field, and in the last decade, we have come to understand the science behind lupus a lot better. This means that the care and treatment of lupus patients have dramatically improved in recent years.

However, due to the complex nature of lupus, it can help speed up getting a proper diagnosis and the correct treatment by consulting directly with a medical specialist.

Dr Bhadauria is a consultant rheumatologist and a lupus specialist in London that offers private consultations to people seeking answers. Whether you suspect you may have lupus or you want to have it ruled out, getting the proper diagnostic testing for your symptoms is critical.

Dr Bhadauria and his team believe that people living with chronic pain conditions such as lupus should get the superior standard of care that they deserve. 

By reducing the time it takes to get a proper diagnosis, you can get quick access to effective treatments to help manage your condition and reduce the impact that living with lupus has on your life. 

Treating lupus

The most effective treatment for lupus is based on the individual and the symptoms they experience. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating lupus, so depending on your diagnosis and severity of symptoms, you may be treated with different approaches. 

Dr Bhadauria may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication alongside steroid injections, tablets and topical skin creams to relieve pain. Treatments can also involve diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to help reduce flares and manage stress.

You can book a private consultation at one of Dr Bhadauria’s London-based clinics. You can get your condition diagnosed and receive the latest treatment to help you manage your condition.



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